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ERP Features

The EduBlaze ERP is simple to use and integrate with your current school database and systems. The following features allow you to manage your school functions.


Principal Profile
Incorporate a comprehensive profile for the Principal, Head or Director of your Educational Institute.

Teacher Profile
Add all teachers of the school to this interface. Define their classes and subjects they teach.

Classes & Sections
Add all classes/grades that your school offers; also define sections assigned to each class/grade.

Add all school subjects in this interface, along with the mode of the subject i.e. Theory, Viva, Practical.

Add all school activities here to be able to allocate these within other modules like time table etc.

Institute Houses
Define all the houses of the school for use in the student and teacher module to be allocated within houses.

Exam Type
Define all the types of exams that are undertaken in your institute by your students.

Student Profiles
Setup or import all student records within this interface to allow their full profile management.

View and mark attendance; allocate classes and enable teachers to mark attendance and parents to view.


Exam Marks
Enter all exam mark details here for access to teachers, students and parents to view reports.

Date Sheet
Setup examination date sheets to assign exam dates to all students of the school and for parents to view.

Allocate homework to all classes and students from this interface, and for parents to view.

Daily Diary
Teachers can write the daily diary feedback for a specific student in this section.

Teachers can define timetable for their classes for students and parents to review.

Leave Application
Students, parents can apply for leave of absence from this module.