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The Future of Technology in Education

Technology changes at a rapid rate and making it accessible to students, teachers and other people is an existing challenge. We are offering students different tools to work better and turn the classroom education by flipping their roles with different technologies. Students find it easier to adapt to newer technologies, however, the faculty must be more forthcoming and receptive. Being in sync with the newer aspects of education will lead to greater innovations in the future..

Following different technologies in the education system will lead to excellence in classroom education:-

1. The use of Biometrics

The Technology used to recognize specific physical or behavioral manner of human beings is known as BIOMETRICS. In the future, this technology will help to understand the physical, emotional and intellectual level of the children in the classroom. Course material and information presented to students can be changed and will be perfectly delivered to individuals based on biometric signals from students. Physical traits such as skin moisture, heart-rate, gestures and even body odor could be used to create reports for student performance and understanding according to their grasping power. Emphasizing behavior signs such as typing, rhythm and voice can let teachers know when students are in need of additional aid as well as help them to understand the various teaching techniques.

2. Augmented Reality Eye-Wear

With rumors of Google releasing Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses like Google Glasses by the end of the year, this technology may create illusions as we sit in the classroom and think. We already know that AR is the essential layering of further data on peak of the reality. We talk about social and rich media being available in digital textbooks, but imagine having a device like the Google Glasses! Sitting in front of a teacher to learn new things will be an awesome, 3D experience, both in and outside the classroom..

3. Multi-Touch Surfaces

Microsoft has been working on multi-touch surfaces for many years. Although they have done amazing things, through the enormous success of Apple’s i Phone, i pad that the concept of multi-touch has been grabbed by all consumers. The touch technology has become cheaper and further strengthened through the Android Operating System, we are seeing concepts of multi-touch products that will change the classroom one day. Imagine a workspace where students are communicating with peers around the world and changing virtual objects in a matter of seconds.. Virtual tools, streamed videos and thousands of online resources available with a single swipe of our hand is as good as it gets

 4.Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (eg networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.

Teaching and learning platforms: a single application can be shared by hundreds of students and teachers on notebooks, tablets and desktops.

School IT: Cloud computing allows cost- and energy-efficient centralization of school infrastructures

 Access: The wide range of Internet-based software and tools can also be quickly and easily served by the cloud.With cloud computing, the world will be our virtual classroom. E-learning will change teaching and learning. Teachers can teach from anywhere and students can learn from anywhere across the globe.

Remember that when schools adopt new technology and services, they must assess the worth of using technology in education and success depend upon the usage of future technology. Trained Staff will need to teach the students smartly; you cannot expect good and innovative ways of teaching from teachers when they are not familiar with technology.

Plenty of schools and colleges have already embraced and adopted this newer scheme of teaching, but we have a long way to go before all educational hubs are on the same page.

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