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Indian Education System - Issues and Challenges

  • Anuradha Chaudhary
  • Education
  • June 22, 2016
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In the past few years the government of India has started to acknowledge the importance of education. India has an education industry with a $90bn opportunity. Innumerable schemes and policies have been initiated to increase the number of schools and students across the country. But the question arises, is the government addressing the correct problem by opening more and more schools?

The government needs to keep in mind that the mere physical presence of a school is not enough. What matters is the quality of education that the children of our country are receiving.

Following are a few challenges that India’s education system needs to work on;

Vast Syllabus: Schools in India fix a certain amount of syllabus for each grade; therefore, teachers and students need to complete this syllabus by the end of the year. Unfortunately, with a vast syllabus and less time, teachers are rushing through lessons, not leaving much time for students to understand.

Encouragement of Practical Knowledge: Children in India need to be encouraged to solve problems and do assignments that help them think critically and form opinions.

Focus on the Average: Instead of focusing on the bright students of the class, and providing them with opportunities, the education system should work on helping students overall.

Ensure Learning Through Understanding: Schools should not focus too much on marks achieved as stressing on the importance of grades makes a child’s purpose of studying-only marks and therefore instead of spending time understanding a topic, he relies on rote learning.

Good, Qualified Teachers: The school going stage in a child’s life is the time when his creativity and curiosity is at its peak and requires a good teacher to recognize these early talents and boost confidence. A majority of school teachers in India do not have a qualification themselves. In order to benefit students, the government should spend a little more on good school teachers. The students are the future of this country and therefore the government should be willing to invest in them.

The government can open as many schools and institutions in the country but it will not make a difference until they realize it is not schools that are missing. It is good quality education.

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