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How an ERP can Help Benefit the Schools in India

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is software that allows an organization to integrate all the functions of its various departments into one. The basic goal of using an ERP system is to provide one central database for all information that is shared by the various departments in an organization to improve the flow of data.

The absence of a single system results in an institute using a number of software that does not communicate well with each other. EduBlaze provides an advanced ERP solution that ensures the delivery of a detailed and in depth website for institutions that is easy and efficient to use!

It Saves Time

EduBlaze ERP reduces manual work by managing the data and thus saving time and money. Using ERP, data can be availed in real time. Information/data can be uploaded by one department and can be updated on the entire website automatically; making it easier to keep up with changes. Therefore, absence of manual data entry and repetitive tasks speeds up the process.

It Reduces Cost

EduBlaze ERP reduces the cost of website maintenance as it is easy to operate and does not require a third person such as a web developer. In addition, it reduces the manual work and thus proves to be cost efficient!

It is Easy and Efficient

ERP enables a website to take charge of almost all functions of an institution. It is easily adaptable by the school authorities or administrator and can be easily used by anyone. In addition to this, multiple departments can be handled under one location, along with multiple accounts. Thus, with synchronization in the functioning of each department, the overall efficiency increases!

Helps in the Organization of Data

Using ERP, data is well organized and centralized and thus can be easily accessed. ERP also helps secure the data with backup systems. Using EduBlaze ERP, school information can be made online very quickly and easily on a regular basis. Moreover, flaws while handing data manually can be avoided due to automated administration.

It Ensures Better Communication

Lack of communication within an institute or even outside it, such as with parents and prospective students can never be good for any organization. It can lead to inefficiency due to lack of knowledge. ERP ensures engagement of stakeholders such as the principal, students, teachers and parents. Student’s performance can be viewed and kept track of by parents and guardians. Moreover, parents and students can be notified via email and SMS about upcoming events, attendance issues or test scores.

ERP ensures coherence within the institution. Since all information and data is present in one location, it is easily accessible by the various departments. Therefore, it breaks down barriers between different units!


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