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Education and Technology: Why E-learning has seen a tremendous increase?

Technology and Education must go hand in hand to develop the best outcomes for learning. Conventional methods of teaching where the teachers are reading from the same old textbooks may result in a lack of interest from the students’ part.

With the advancement of technology, the internet provides some great solutions to enhance the learning experience of thousands of people all over the world. Here are a few reasons why E-learning can prove to be a better option than conventional teaching methods:

 1) No physical constraints: Simply with an internet connection, students from all parts of the world can now learn. The learning experience can further be enriched with guest lecturers from different parts of the world with no travel hassle!

2) It is easier to work with different learner types: In a classroom, a single teacher has limited time and is unable to cater to each student’s individual learning needs. Through E-learning, there is a simple solution- A virtual class is divided into sessions where students of different levels can work at their own pace, while the teacher supervises.

3) Quick and Accurate evaluation systems: Class room evaluation where tests need to be manually corrected can prove to be time consuming and may have errors. On the other hand, automated evaluation results are faster, more accurate and are completely transparent.
4) Sessions can be recorded: Recorded sessions are a great benefit in case a student is unable to attend a class.
5) No age barriers: Anyone, young or old can learn what they wish to, unlike in schools where each classroom has children of a certain age group.

6) Additional information: Through E-learning, a student is free to go deeper into a particular topic as the internet provides a vast amount of information. However, in a classroom, the teacher is running on limited time and may not be able to go into other topics. Lack of knowledge on the part of the teacher may also pose a problem.

7) Learning sessions made interesting: Sitting in a classroom for a fixed number of hours in a day, with the teacher using the same teaching techniques can be boring and make the child’s head wander in different directions! E-learning can make each session more interesting with the help of colorful pictures and videos.

The genre of E-learning has observed a tremendous growth lately by exposing students from different parts of the world to multiple educational and recreational courses. The concept, though brimmed with a multiple advantages, may have some drawbacks too. The physical absence of a teacher may prove to be a disadvantage for some. This is because teachers can help students link new information to information they already know as well as clarify and complement text material. E-learning when used to one’s best interests can help a great deal in spreading knowledge especially in areas that do not have top class institutions.


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