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EduBlaze Bridges Gap between Teachers and Parents with its Advanced ERP System!

A good parent teacher relationship is very important in the education process. Not only does it help the child feel positive about the school, he can trust the teacher: because his parents do.

Parents and teachers play a very important role in a child’s life as they serve as models to children to create positive relationships with others. They also help create a rich environment for children.

With Edublaze advanced ERP system, parents can keep in touch with teachers and vice versa. Exam marks, schedules, attendance statuses can be published and accessed by both parents as well as teachers. Parents can be notified via email and SMS, regarding any important event or situation. Other important notices such as date sheets, homework, timetables along with contact details and rules and regulations of the school can also be managed.

In addition, Parents can keep track of their child’s performance and can get a better understanding of the teacher’s job and school curriculum, thus leading to a better teacher-parent relationship.

EduBlaze offers Teacher, Parent and Student profiles that enable both teachers and parents to get additional information on each other. With this easy interaction parents can coordinate with teacher’s efforts to encourage their child’s behavior patterns and habits.

Studies show that parent’s involvement in their child’s education helps their child perform better at school. Parents who are involved in their children’s school work tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performances. Moreover, problems that may inhibit student learning can be identified at early stages when parents are involved in their children’s education.


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