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Does IQ Test Determine Success?

If a set of children are asked to take an IQ test, some will do better than the rest. But does this mean that the kids who scored higher on the test are guaranteed success, while the rest are destined to fail?

An IQ test measures the ‘intelligence quotient’ of a person. This is done on the basis of their abilities such as that of problem solving, reasoning, and how well they process information in relation to other people of their age. A score ranging 90 - 110 shows an average intelligence. A score higher than that determines superior intelligence while a score below it defines the child as dull.

Higher But does this test really determine the success of a child in the future? For a child to be successful, he needs to possess many qualities besides ‘intelligence’, such as determination, hard work, persistence, and curiosity. A child can have a high IQ but lack motivation due to which he won’t do very well in school. However a child with a low IQ may be very dedicated towards his studies and achieve better marks.

If a child is told he isn’t as smart as other kids his own age, he is bound to lose motivation and this may result in the lowering down of his performance level in school. The smarter kids, however, have been told that they are smart and so they feel motivated to do better. But an IQ Test doesn’t test their practical intelligence, creativity, working habits or perseverance and so, it cannot determine their success.

Kids who score well on these tests are smart. No doubt. But it doesn’t mean that the rest of the kids are any less likely to be successful. They just need to work a little harder!


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