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Challenges & Opportunities of Using Technology in Schools

Using technology in schools is a great way to shift from conventional classroom styles of teaching. Fun yet effective, implementing technology can take a student a long way. It is very important that a child tries to understand all that is taught to him instead of depending on rote learning. Long and boring lectures fail to capture the interest of students which leads to less learning in the classroom.

Technology, if used in the correct way, can help enhance a child’s learning experience. Interesting information that goes beyond textbooks makes children eager to learn. When children understand facts, they are more likely to be able to link new information with what they already know, making it easier and more fun to study and learn!

Using technology in school has a number of advantages.


  1. Technology provides exciting ways to engage students.
  2. It provides an easier access to information.
  3. Current and up to date information and a wider access to information is available.
  4. There are no geographic restrictions.
  5. It is easy and safe to store information.
  6. Teachers can experiment with various types of blended learning i.e. a mix of different styles of teaching, keeping learning interesting and engaging.

However there are a few challenges in using technology in schools:

  1. Teachers are not always willing to learn to operate new technology.
  2. Teachers aren’t trained well enough to operate technology due to which many of them do not use the provided technology to its optimal level.
  3. Technology can have a wide range of expenses, especially initial ones. Upgrading and managing costs are also felt, especially if teachers are not using these devices, rendering them useless.

Using technology in schools has great potential as it encourages students to be more attentive in class, and more eager to learn. Despite the few challenges that need to be worked on, technology can help teachers as well as students in making the classroom a fun and interactive place to learn.

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