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Does IQ Test Determine Success?

If a set of children are asked to take an IQ test, some will do better than the rest. But does this mean that the kids who scored higher on the test are guaranteed success, while the rest are destined to fail?

An IQ test measures the ‘intelligence quotient’ of a person. This is done on the basis of their abilities such as that of problem solving, reasoning, and how well they process information in relation to other people of their age. A score ranging 90 - 110 shows an average intelligence. A ...

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Indian Education System - Issues and Challenges

  • Anuradha Chaudhary
  • Education
  • June 22, 2016
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In the past few years the government of India has started to acknowledge the importance of education. India has an education industry with a $90bn opportunity. Innumerable schemes and policies have been initiated to increase the number of schools and students across the country. But the question arises, is the government addressing the correct problem by opening more and more schools?

The government needs to keep in mind that the mere physical presence of a school is not enough...

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How an ERP can Help Benefit the Schools in India

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is software that allows an organization to integrate all the functions of its various departments into one. The basic goal of using an ERP system is to provide one central database for all information that is shared by the various departments in an organization to improve the flow of data.

The absence of a single system results in an institute using a number of software that does not communicate well with each other. EduBlaze provides an adva...

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EduBlaze Bridges Gap between Teachers and Parents with its Advanced ERP System!

A good parent teacher relationship is very important in the education process. Not only does it help the child feel positive about the school, he can trust the teacher: because his parents do.

Parents and teachers play a very important role in a child’s life as they serve as models to children to create positive relationships with others. They also help create a rich environment for children.

With Edublaze advanced ERP system, p...

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Challenges & Opportunities of Using Technology in Schools

Using technology in schools is a great way to shift from conventional classroom styles of teaching. Fun yet effective, implementing technology can take a student a long way. It is very important that a child tries to understand all that is taught to him instead of depending on rote learning. Long and boring lectures fail to capture the interest of students which leads to less learning in the classroom.

Technology, if used in the correct way, can help enhance a child’s lea...

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